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About Us

We are First Tack Ltd, presenting myAutoAudit. We are the primary reseller and distributor for AutoAudit® powered by Refinitiv™ across Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Covering all aspects of the product, we offer a comprehensive set of services to help ensure that your AutoAudit journey is smooth, effective and efficient.

A context driven approach

At First Tack we understand that every organisation is unique; bound by a set of distinct practices, each with their own meaning, required skills and materials.  We also understand that the value of any one of these practices depends on its context;

  • firstly, through its meaning to the organisation and its relationship with other closely related practices.
  • secondly, in its connection with the broader practices of the organisation, and
  • finally, its position relative to broader industry or cross-industry practices.

Further, we recognise that many practices adopted by other organisations, or those deemed “best practice” across your industry, will not necessarily translate directly to your organisation; at least not today and not with relative ease.

Because of this, we strive to develop a strong grasp of the needs of our clients within their individual context. Consequently, we aim to ensure that any products or services we propose are both a good fit right now, but also strongly align with achieving the future goals and aspirations of the business.

Meet the Founders



Bas is an operations expert and serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years business experience. With a specialisation in cross border logistics and strategic planning, Bas has set up his own companies as well as provided consultancy and advisory services to international companies seeking to set up overseas offices.
Bas speaks four languages, loves to cook and in his spare time enjoys hiking, sailing and mountain biking with his family.



A management accountant with over 20 years experience in top-tier blue-chip organisations, Mike has worked in a variety of roles spanning both Finance and Technology and has developed a wealth of understanding of the Audit challenges faced by organisations. Combining a deep understanding of business with his passion for technology, Mike brings a vast array of skills to the table for his clients.

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